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Since being established in 2000, HIGHWAY ASPHALT have been consistent in our drive to use the latest techniques to provide the most reliable and long-lasting solutions

Surface Dressing Oxfordshire

surface dressing

HIGHWAY ASPHALT use surface dressing to resurface worn and damaged road surfaces, using a state of the art one-pass surface dressing system allowing the aggregate to be fed into the hot tar binder immediately, greatly improving the strength of the bond between the existing surface and the new aggregate. This means that the road surface will be kept stronger for longer by the formation of a seal against water penetration.

surface dressing

This can be used for patching roads, or blanket dressing an entire driveway.

Surface dressing is equally important for repairing roads that are damaged and also for roads that have become smooth through excessive use. A road should have sufficient texture to prevent skidding accidents, and as such it is important that roads are kept at a high standard.

We use the following materials for surface dressing:

  • Polymer Binder
  • Double dressing depending on condition of the road surface
  • Granite Washed Basalt
  • Coloured Aggregates & Shingles - 6mm, 10mm and 16mm
surface dressing surface dressing surface dressing

Road Construction Oxfordshire

road construction in Oxfordshire

Durable, smooth and fantastic looking road surfaces. HIGHWAY ASPHALT specialise in constructing and repairing commercial roads, car parks, playgrounds and forecourts using Pavers specifically designed for a great finish.

road construction in Oxfordshire

Asphalt and tarmac can be ordered in a variety of colours and finishes so you can decorate or brighten up your premises if required, or mark out different zones such as for parking.

Additional road construction services include kerbing and manual draining systems.

We use the following materials for Road Construction:

  • Stone mastic asphalt
  • Hot rolled asphalt
road construction

Line Marking

Line marking in Oxfordshire

HIGHWAY ASPHALT also offer following line-marking services:

  • White Lines
  • Double yellow lines
  • 20 to 500 bay car parking

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